Sunday, May 25, 2008

future planning

When planning for a new home, the two most important areas that need to be thought of are the bath and the kitchen. These are the two areas that will require the most money, the most planning, the most time and the most of your patience as well. If you get these two rooms right, you're well on your way to creating the perfect home. So if you want to have walk in tubs in the master bath, then you have to ensure that you have to cut out something else to make it possible, not only for the money, but the time involved in setting it up. For seniors, these are a major investment, so with the right kind of planning, it can be made quite painless.


Patricia Rockwell said...

Dear Shalini,
I have seen ads for those walk-in bathtubs and wondered if they would really work. I will be interested in seeing how you fare with them.


Shalini said...

Hello Patricia,
I've not got one of these, was just writing about them in general. I do believe that they work well, though.
Thanks for visiting!