Thursday, February 28, 2013

ready set print!

It's almost the weekend and boy am I ready for it. The daily schedule sometimes just gets to me, the sameness of it, the way it feels endless and of course the early morning wakeup for school drop off! So now that it's time for the weekend, I'm just going to be, to do nothing, apart from catch up with friends and family and with a few printing jobs that are still pending. But quite frankly, the way one can do so much work online, it almost feels like a fun thing to do some flyer printing at to help a friend print some flyers to promote her jewelry business stand at the farmers market. Things like this make life simple and fun!

Monday, February 18, 2013

for the love of books

I love finding little independent stores that manage to survive despite all the big branded stores with backing. During college days, there were a few of these bookstores and I would love to go there, to browse, to buy, to listed to the reading sessions. It was just a lot more interesting that the cut and paste big stores. So, when I came across I was reminded of the stores I used to go to during college days. Now if only they had a branch near me!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

drumming away

There was a time that making music was a simple process. Well, simple if you count an orchestra of 300 musicians waiting for the conductors baton! Now days simple is a different concept. It's all about technology now days and the range is absolutely fabulous. Or confusing if you don't exactly know what you want. Take the line of Toontrack at musicians friend which have the complete range of drummer systems, a complete overhaul of the old dfh system which have been created to go with e-drums for a more effective use of layers. While the interface might seem similar to the EZDrummer system, it's super simple handling and layout makes it one better than it.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Looking for diamonds?

Buying things on the Internet has never been better. With the wide variety of products now available at more competitive prices than brick and mortar stores, it really makes much more sense to shop in the online world. eBay is the leader of online shopping sales of course, and the company has recently tied up with Diamond House Arizona to showcase it's products. Diamond House Arizona sells loose diamonds that are 30-50 percent cheaper than at other places, while still maintaining their impeccable standard of selling only quality diamonds.

I think one of the hardest things when one buys some thing online, is dealing with the customer service people. Most times, there just aren't any and when they are there, they are usually of not much assistance. Diamond House Arizona is not one of those places. They pride themselves in providing superior customer service, with people such as Adam, the online sales director of Diamond House Arizona and Robert, the customer support director, who make it their personal business to ensure that each customer is treated in the absolute best manner possible. Diamond House Arizona provides 24 hr customer service support, an extremely valuable service in the online world.