Monday, October 26, 2009

a busy landlord

The landlord's been really busy lately with stuff around the house. Last weekend he redid the front end of the drive, which was all broken up and today he's busy with electrical stuff, changing the switches in the utility room with these toggle switches. He repainted the house a few months back and made some changes in one of the apartments upstairs and I wonder what he's going to be up to next. He's a busy one for sure!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

photo: Naldehra Golf Club

As you all know, I love the hills and mountains of India. I have been traveling and living in the area since I was a child and nothing makes me feel better than going back to familiar places. This shot was taken in June on our trip to Mashobra. This is the clubhouse of the Naldehra Golf Course, which is located around 15 kms beyond.


reliving old school days

When I get nostalgic, I remember school days. I remember the old wood paneled classrooms we had and the old wooden classroom chairs and desks, where we used to carve our names for posterity. Nothing like a trip to school days to relish in nostalgia, is there! I've been back to my old school many many times, but the trips usually don't involve going back to the classroom...mostly because they've all changed so much....been modernized so much, almost striped of their old personality. So we usually go to the other haunts that still remain as they were!

the beach beckons!

As winter approaches, the idea of a beach vacation sounds more and more appealing. Something like those Myrtle beach vacation rentals that one can take for a week at a time, chill back and just relax without agenda or plan for the day. To really be able to have a relaxing vacation, one has to have enough time to feel....ah, there's lots of time left as just doesn't happen in a 2-3 day long weekend vacation for me. I'm all about week long vacations!

Monday, October 12, 2009

photo: the sound of flowing water

A photo from our visit to Orient Cafe in the Bastakiya arts quarter in Dubai. This little area is a gem, so full of interesting sights and will lots of interesting things to do as well, from learning Calligraphy to restoration of local tile work. I could go back again and again.

the sound of flowing water

Shopping online or in the store

I'm constantly amazed at the way people happily spend their money on buying things on the internet. I've always been a cautious online shopper, usually buying only air tickets, doing hotel bookings or sending flowers overseas through the Internet, but according to a study, one of the hottest items that people buy online are fat burners. According to the report, consumers prefer to purchase such weight loss items online instead of actual stores, where they might be judged by the checker or by other shoppers.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

relying on technology

I remember the first time I heard about virtualization services, I thought it was something from the future. Well, it isn't and it is all about a technology that is changing the IT infrastructure and computing as we know it. There are many combination's of it that can reduce your dependency on physical computer systems, while significantly increasing your efficiency and allocation of resources as well as applications. In today's work environment, we all need to focus on making our work and technology more streamlined and this is one proven way to do exactly that. I will definitely be reading up more on this technology.