Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Borders launches it's new site

Borders will soon have it's own website that will give viewers the feeling that they are looking through books at their local bookstore, with features such a staff pics. The company has so far sold book online through a partnership with and it will not be easy to come out from its shadow. According to George Jones, CEO and President of Borders Group, "It's not the intent that we're going to out-Amazon Amazon at what they do. What we think is that we can still have a great, compelling offering."

The new site was launched on tuesday, even though the company hadd put itself up for sale two months earlier. Barnes & Noble has confirmed that it will study the viability of purchasing the company. A key feature of the new site is "The Magic Shelf" and the "Picked For You" section of staff picks. Borders will be offering free shipping for all orders above $25, as well as free shipping to Borders stores, where customers can pick up their purchase two days after buying it online.

Another benefit is that members of the Borders Rewards loyalty program will be able to redeem awards at this site, which they are not able to do when it was run by Amazon. The new Borders site will also offer rare, out of print and used books.

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