Monday, November 23, 2009

Streamlining processes

Technology for medical card scanning has improved immensely such as the MedicScan + ScanShell 800N package that lets you scan medical insurance cards which can be stored as a file on your PC or LAN server, so that you can export them to 3rd party applications, publish them via TP or send them by email. The Medicscan scan process is itself extremely simple and starts automatically once the card is inserted into the medical scanner. Storing these scans saves a lot of time sorting out paperwork and will increase productivity and reduce mistakes made by hurried medical staffers. Both sides of the card are scanned simultaneously, and the saved image is added to the patient file. The scanner needs no outside power supply as it connects to your PC via USB port.

a big fan of the!

Just imagine that you had to find out what Symbol LS2208 was and that there was no internet? So how would you go about it? Go to the library? Ask someone? Wander around hopelessly and hope the answer would hit you from the sky? Hmmm, seems like a tough world without the internet, right? I certainly think so. I seriously cannot imagine how we lived our day to day lives without it, very frankly. I grew up using encyclopedias and loved them. I spent a lot, really a lot, of time at the library in college, finding information, digging up stuff, but I am a complete convert to searching for stuff on the internet. Well, let's be honest, who isn't?

would you buy insurance online?

There are a ton of things that one can find and buy online, but one of the fastest growing segments seems to be the insurance online sector that seems to be registering quite a solid and steady growth rate. I've always thought that it would make more sense to talk to someone about things like insurance, but these days if you want the best rates, then you'll just have to go online to find them. Maybe one should get all the details by talking to different agents and when one is sure of what one wants and the right kind of insurance, then go online. This way makes more sense to me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

knowing your directions

If one is going to be traveling to out of the way places then getting a navigation system is a great idea, in fact it's kind of a must actually. There are a ton of gps systems available in the market so it can be quite confusing as to which will work the best for you, so it's a good idea to read up on the material with it to ensure that it will suit your needs and knowledge, as a lot of them are just so complicated that they lie unused once bought!

Monday, November 09, 2009

photo: shades of blue

A shot from my morning walk some time back. With the weather turning so lovely it's been a great excuse to wander out in the mornings. And yesterday we had dense fog here, so much that I could barely see past the gate. It was just a bit chilly, but it looked like it was really cold. Looking forward to winter now.

shades of blue

is it time to change the tv?

We are being bombarded with advertisements these days.... mostly from electronic stores in the paper and in inserts as well. I've got tired of looking at the ads now, but it has put a seed in that it's got me thinking that maybe it's time to upgrade our current TV to something like a Samsung HDTV or some such thing. Very frankly, shopping for stuff like this confuses me, so I put it off or put the decision on someone else's shoulders. Our current one is just over two years old, so it really doesn't need replacing, but if one gets a great deal, then maybe it's worth it. Let's see!