Monday, November 24, 2008

who is watching whom?

The new Dubai Mall is finally open. We visited it last week and like everyone else were drawn to the huge aquarium, which has over 33,000 fish behind the largest single pane of glass and the largest aquarium in the world. Is there anything that is not "the largest" in this city? It's getting old now....we need to have something different besides crowing about the tallest tower, the largest mall, and so on.

are we viewing them or are they viewing us?

Looking for information on diet pills

I managed to get some pretty good feedback on the research I have been doing on diet pills, but am still looking out for anyone who has used Fentraphen to lose weight. I would love to hear from you and document your experience, so please do contact me if you have tried this. While the mainstream media is generally quite skeptical about any kind of diet pills, the research I have done shows that they do work, although it's really not the quick fix that a lot of people are looking for. They do need to be taken with caution and with a careful study of what your body is experiencing. If you are able to do that, then it will probably work quite well for you.

does one forget pain?

It's absolutely amazing just how lovely the weather has become here. Considering how hot it gets in the summer and how one just wilts, it is such a reprieve to be able to actually spend some time outdoors, instead of doing a fast sprint to the car from the house etc. That's the thing about bad things or pain, that one is able to forget it once it's past. Feels weird to be so philosophical about the weather, but it's a likely analogy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is this the best way to lose weight?

I been talking to some people about how popular pills are becoming in a lot of people's weight loss plans. Everyone seems to have the best diet pills that work for them, usually found after a few trials, but with the holiday season coming up, everyone seems to be stocking up on them and using them to get to look their best. With the way our diet has changed over the years, it's often just not possible to change our weight with the older techniques of losing weight, as in exercising and eating less and better balanced meals. For a lot of people, using medication is the only way to trick their body and mind into losing weight. And since it has worked well for so many people, more and more are sighing up!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rain shelter

Here's another pic from my trip to the hills. I took over 300 photographs...don't worry I'm not going to post them all here! I really loved the walks and these charming rain shelters that can be found every so often. Not only is the idea such a great one, but the design and upkeep of these rain shelters is really quite good too.


time to ride

Since the weather has turned beautiful here, there are tons of riding classes available, mostly using english saddles like this. The racing season will be starting here soon too, which is again going to increase the interest in riding, especially for kids, as it does each year. I must say, that I've never ridden a horse, but am quite tempted to learn this year, since I seem to be in the right time and place for it. I will definitely be letting you know once I start on my new adventure.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fall colors

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. The weather is just so perfect, with just a hint of cold in the air, the colors are so amazing, everything from the trees to the flowers and leaves seem to burst into wonderful golden shades. While we don't have much of a fall here, I did manage to find some nice leaves while on my trip to the hills of Mussoorie. I loved the warm yellow color of these leaves.


An all-round destination

Suspense is good, right? Well, I am not about to reveal our next vacation destination, but will instead right about another place, a place that is world famous for fun, for crazy-ness and for amazing-ness. It's las vegas nv, fun central! The really great thing about Las Vegas is that it is different for different people. For those who want to gamble, it's superb. For those who want to shop, it's a great place. And for those who want to relax and rejuvenate in a spa, it's one of the best places to head to. Or if you'd like you can go in for a combination of everything above! I'd love to go to Las Vegas for the spa treatments, which are said to be some of the best in the world. So, there really is a lot more to the city than just gambling and strip clubs!

Making travel plans

Traveling has always been something I have loved and looked forward to from the time I was a child. The past few years, we have been able to travel a lot and I am looking forward to new sights to see and places to visit. We've already planned and booked our next vacation and I'm getting so excited about it, since it's a completely different place from where I've been so far, a place that I haven't even gone close to, a place that I have heard so much about, and a place that I've been wanting to go to for absolutely ages. More on this later....

The right way

Losing weight is big business, for both who want to lose weight and for those who want to help you lose weight. The thing is that there is no easy way, but only a slightly easier way, but one that you have to approach with caution, since it requires you to pay close attention to your body, the signs that it sends out. The thing with diet pills is that people often take them as an easy way out, a shortcut, but they have to be followed with the proper discipline and only then it is worthwhile. Some have known side effects, others don't, but as with any kind of weight loss plan, even the old-fashioned way of eating less and working out more, one needs to have a plan and meet a dietitian and doctor to ensure that you're doing it correctly.


Taking photos has become such a wonderful pastime for me and it has made me so much more aware of the things around me, especially the simple things. One always sees the large and the grand, but often misses the little things of beauty, the unobtrusive, the hidden, and that is what has been a really fun thing to explore. When I take pictures in public, I get odd looks..."what is she taking pictures of? there is nothing worth photographing there?" and so on, but the end result can be worth it most times. Here's one of the times when I got those looks!


Getting rid of them forever!

Everyone goes through it, or at least a lot of people go through it, but it doesn't make it any easier. Having any kind of acne, is painful, physically and emotionally. There are many kinds of acne treatments available these days, but one has to remember that there is a lot more than just medicine that eventually rids one of these pesky things. A good diet, a good lifestyle and being healthy is a major factor to getting rid of acne and combined with the right kind of treatments, they can be gone forever. Sounds good right?

Buying art online

Have you looked through the Etsy site lately? There are a lot of new things there and as always I am constantly amazed at the the variety of the works. I admit, not everything there is in my taste, but I applaud it for its creativity, for its ingenuity, for its energy and for its unabridged imagery. I bought something from Etsy several months back and really found the interaction of the whole process to be quick and straightforward. The artist that I purchased from, is a well known Canadian artist Mandy Budan and I was really happy to be able to get some of her works. Even better, she sent a free print of one of her works, which is the kind of generosity that personifies Etsy and its artists.

A hole-in-one!

Our home course has been holding night golf several times a week and last night my mother got a hole-in-one! She didn't even realize it until they couldn't find the ball on the green and then eventually looked in the hole....and there it was! She has always been a very disciplined golfer, right from the beginning, focusing on getting her technique right, using the right golf clubs in the right and lucky golf bags. Being a golfer myself, I can understand the incredible feeling, the euphoria and disbelief and the hope to repeat it again. I must add that I myself have never achieved quite a feat, but feel good about the good golfing genes I have!