Wednesday, October 19, 2011

photo: looking up

Out in my neighborhood one evening, enjoying the fresh air, the pleasant breeze and seeing so many people out and about as well. Kids, dogs, families, all out having fun by the lake now that the weather is lovely and our landscaping even nicer.

Don't you just love getting gift coupons!

When it comes to buying gifts online, Red Envelope has been one of my favorite sites for a long time. I've written about them before too, about how I got some really memorable gifts like the monogrammed watch key chain and several other items that were a hit with the people I gifted them too. With all these gift sites, there are always coupons and vouchers on offer, but very few people seem to use them. I like the idea of getting a coupon, so that I can decide how to use it myself, but sometimes it's just a bit too confusing. I even had one expire before I could get an answer back regarding a question I had about it. So, I was happy to note that the RedEnvelope coupon redemption page was very straightforward and helpful, since I have a coupon to redeem! Yay! Now I'm off to decide what I want to get!

a return to game time

Well, I have to admit it, I'm really not all that great at video games and all that. The few times that I have played them, I have enjoyed it, but got bored with them rather quickly. When it comes to online games, I used to love them, back in the day when I had lots of time on my hands, but eventually I got bored of them too. Who has the time for these kind of things anymore, although sometimes, I want to do something just to take my mind off all the mundane routine of my days, and if you think about it a game is the perfect answer. Well, I know, not perfect, perfect, since that would mean me going outside and really playing a sport, but this is perfect since I can play it when the little one is asleep. Just as long as I don't make too much noise, I suppose! So, does that mean I can go out and buy one of the lean mean looking games, and looking at some of the call of duty modern warfare 3 reviews, it seems that it's a popular choice these days. Hmm, I wonder if I can pull it off!

photo: simple things

Do you ever wonder at how many beautiful moments we just let go by without us noticing. I'm not talking of the big things, but the little things in our daily lives. We are surrounded by beauty, but often we just don't notice it and then we crib about how boring our lives are. That's the beauty of photography. It makes you notice and lets you make these simple moments memorable. Here's some morning sunshine on a bowl of fruits in my home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

time to head to the beach!

Even though summer is over, you still want to head out to the beach right! Well, yes actually, now is the time to be on the beach and really enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest. It's leading up to the most fun time of the year and if you have a kitted out ATV then it's all the better, especially if its got an atv power steering rigged up, which makes it even more fun to ride, doesn't it! Have you ever been dune bashing? Good fun isn't it! It's a must do activity for everyone who comes here. If you pick the right company and the right location, it's the most fun thing to do, and really everyone must try it out.