Tuesday, September 20, 2011

crossing 1500 posts

Wow, that's 1500 posts here on this blog. I started this blog in 2005 and have generally been regular about posting here, except for short times here and there, but still, I'm happy that I've reached this milestone. When I started blogging back in 2004, it was such a new format, something that most people hadn't heard of at all. I remember having to explain it to just about everyone all the time. Now it's a completely different story, isn't it. Blogging is something that even 5 year olds know about!

camera or candy?

Once you start off taking photographs, then there seems to be no end to the number of cameras that you want to use. I bought my camera just last year and I'm already thinking of getting another one, or maybe even two. I know they're not candy but in a way they really are! It would be nice to have a high powered camera, more powerful than my current one, but also nice to have something simple as well. I'm quite interested in sony cameras lately, and I've heard lots of good reviews about them. For me, it's important for a camera to be able to multitask, since I want to be able to shoot in zoom as well as do some close ups as well. Having it all in just one camera is tough, but that's what I need right now.

Securing your property

Home security is one of the top concerns of most consumers, right? But a lot of people still don't take it too seriously, I think when it really comes to investing in a system that will really be able to protect all aspects of home security. UControl Link is one such system that is compatible with all current home security systems, and it's so simple that you can install it yourself, and then set up your customized personal settings at their website. In just 20 minutes, the complete security process will be completed. I remember when we lived in a beautiful but old house in Bristol, RI, that had windows on all sides, with locks that were quite outdated. That was probably the only time I felt a bit vulnerable and not completely secure inside my own home. A system such as this would have really helped me then. There are a lot of home security systems out there that provide home security but I really like the way that the company seems to works, as it is a much more modern system compared to most of the regular home security systems out there. The way I see it is that it's no use being not completely at ease in your own home, so it's extremely important to have a set up that can take care of your security needs.

what makes a good community?

Our local area has really been picking up and now we have a variety of shops and stores of all kinds, including several utility companies such as insurance providers, which is a great addition to the host of beauty salons and restaurants. Any good community has to have a good mix of all kinds of stores along with nice playgrounds, parks, walkways and open space for sporting activities for it to be viable as a successful place to live. Local cafes are good at creating a nice atmosphere, but if you have to go out of the area for everything from posting a letter to paying your utility bills, then it's not a successful community. So whether you want to buy sell insurance or just get a quote, it's all very conveniently located in one place. So glad about that!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Would you love a chocolate filled gift basket!

Being a mother is the most exhausting thing. No matter how much one does for a child, it's just not enough. There's always something more that one can do. And the guilt, oh the guilt is so time consuming. So what makes it better? It's in all the little things, the things that one never really pays attention to that make all the difference. And of course, getting a gourmet gift delivery of strawberries covered in chocolate on mothers day makes it all better too! I love to receive gift baskets because there's always an element of surprise in them. I once got a chocolate gift basket which had the most amazing assortment of dark chocolates, cocoa powder, and each item was better than the last. If you need to give a gift to someone in another country or city, then sending a gift basket is the best way to be able to give a gift and be part of a special occasion.