Tuesday, December 09, 2008

meter reading

One of the popular games going around on flickr is being tagged to post the fifth photo from the fifth folder from your computer. I recently got tagged and looked up what the photo in question was. Well, I was happy to find it was a decent shot, one that I was planning to retake and so never got around to posting. Here it is!

meter reading

The anything and everything!

What is the one place that you can find anything and everything? The one place where you can combine your searches from across the world all in one place? Well, it's really not a tough question, it's the Internet. Whether you're searching for Zyporex or for garden gnomes, it's the one stop shop for you and millions of others around the world. I don't even bother looking for information in encyclopedia's anymore, it's just much faster and more efficient on the Internet. And I'm not even adding the fact that it's all interactive. So, continue your searches and find that things that you want quicker and easier.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The power of the Internet

Have you ever wondered how you start searching for one thing on the Internet, but end up with a completely different agenda after a bit! With the endless choices, it is quite easy to get distracted. I started off looking for something else and then 15 minutes later was looking at a site for pain pump and assorted issues. How interesting, I thought! I hadn't planned to be here, but a little learning on a new subject never harmed me. In the end, I stayed on the site for a while and forgot about what my original search had been! That's the power of the Internet!