Monday, September 01, 2008

a different setting

I know this is not your usual coffee drinking spot, but then nothing in Dubai is usual and normal. Everything is larger than life, exaggerated, grander, and more fantastical. This is in the Ibn Batutta Mall in Dubai, in the Persia Court where there is also a Hediard Cafe behind the Starbucks. It's certainly a great place, although so very incongruous, for a cup of coffee. I find it very interesting to see modern signs in such an old setting, but then everything is new in this city, things are just made to look old that's all.

an unusual location

Finally, a little respite...

As the weather is turning better once again, it is time to think about getting some new outdoor furniture covers so that one can fully enjoy the nice weather. The barbecue area needs a bit of an update as well and hopefully we will be able to find some nice extras to add there as well. One of the best things about the fall and winter here is that the evenings become pleasant and it is wonderful to be able to enjoy that time of the day, after so many months of long hot days.