Wednesday, May 27, 2009

photo: layers

As much as I love taking shots of the books I'm reading along with tea or coffee, I really do love my shots of doors, walls and windows. They have a more abstract nature, so maybe that's why they appeal more to me, or maybe because they are simpler compositions, starker even.


changing the way we get married

It seems that weddings are becoming more and more practiced and matter of fact. The clothes such as the traditional tuxedo is rent-able along with most of the other furnishings, which although makes it so convenient for most people, I find it makes it somewhat matter of fact and routine. A custom made tuxedo is more to my line of thinking since it will have more meaning and remain with you, as part of the wedding memorabilia.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

understanding the pros and cons

As a researcher, one often gets assignments for topics that are completely out of your realm. When I first undertook a diet pills comparison, I wasn't sure how good I would be, since I don't have a medical background, but after a good amount of research I managed to find some very qualitative information about how to compare them and how to evaluate them. I would recommend anyone who wants to use any kind of pills also do a bit of research of their own.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

photo: down the escalator

Noticing the light and patterns created by the sun from the top level of Festival City. Took this from outside Fitness First, where one has a nice view towards the parking lot, the outside sitting area, and airport beyond. I find Festival City to be one of the nicest malls in terms of architectural interest...beyond just large chandeliers and grand columns. The glass roof creates wonderful patterns everywhere you look.

announcing in style

These days it seems like everything has to be so perfectly planned and organized. One of the area that has really benefited from this line of thinking is party planning and especially for things such as birth announcements and baby showers. The trends towards creating something unique has always been there, but it seems to have taken an even grander scale lately! Apart from the grandness, the attention to detail in these aspects is quite fascinating.