Wednesday, April 20, 2011

away on a break

Well, I'm off for a while on a break. It's been a busy few months since our last break, which wasn't exactly a break since it was so hectic with the wedding and all the functions and the preparations before hand. So, this time, I'm hoping to get a little bit of a break, a time to just be, to relish being at home, and let someone else handle the baby for a while, and definitely let someone else handle the cooking for the entire time :-)

fun with printing

One of the real fun things about my home office is having an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax. I love being able to scan something at a moment's notice, especially old photographs so that I can create albums. The thing about epson printers is that they are really versatile and very good for both real office settings as well as for home office and casual workers like me. I just created an album of all our baby photos to send to our family along with little E's photos, to see who she really resembles! And the verdict, a bit of both of us.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

it's getting hot out here

Well, we've skipped spring too as well. Winter never came to this part of the world and spring fizzled out and so now we're on to the hot long summer months. Time to cover up the barbeque grill, bring those delicate plants indoors or at least in the shade. While sitting under the outdoor ceiling fans is still alright, the past few days has been almost the hot and humid feel of august.'s too soon for all that. I'm still not over missing out on any rain this winter, and can't bear to face the hot weather so soon!