Wednesday, December 22, 2010

have you got all your gifts?

Is your shopping done? Are you completely sure you've got something for everyone on your list? What about your grand uncle who is coming for Christmas dinner along with your cousins? Hmmm, forgot about him right? How about some good old cigars with some free cigars as well. Cigars always seem to be a popular gift to receive and this year the trend looks like it will continue. There's just a couple of days left, so get going and finish off your shopping once and for all, right!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

photo: gainda phool

gainda phool

I'm back after being away for a month. It's been a really hectic time and I think I need another vacation to recover from the last one. Well, actually the last one wasn't technically a vacation, just a trip home for a wedding. And weddings are too busy a place for any kind of relaxation. But it was important for us to be there and I'm glad we did make the trip. Little E was great, charming everyone she met, even total strangers she saw at the bank while I waited to take out some jewelry to wear at the wedding. Such a joy she is!

Why suffer any more from chronic fatigue?

Did you know that over half the population of the US is fatigued at all times? The more people push themselves to 'do it all', the closer they get to being tired and worn out at all times. With the over use of drugs as anti-depressants, it is worthwhile to check out some natural remedies, that treat chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia within 5-7 days, without causing any side effects. When used for 3-6 months, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia can even be completely cured and reversed.

Temp vs Humidity

Ever since E was born, I've had the baby monitor on in her room, which displays the temperature and humidity. I've never really noticed how humid it can become here till I kept track of the humidity levels and since it's important to keep the humidity in control at a certain level, I think getting a dehumidifier might be a good idea. I find that humidity is what controls the comfort level, too much and you're uncomfortable and sticky and too little, your skin starts to feel dry and tight. So, besides controlling the temperature, it's essential to control the humidity as well.

It's cardi time!

Winter is here and one of the best things about it is to take out the winter clothes and go shopping for a new sweater or two. I'm really fond of cardigan sweaters, since they are just so convenient to put on and take off, and nothing better than cuddling into a soft and slouchy cardi to chase away the winter blues, right. I looked at my closet and I found that I already have several cardigans, but still want to get a new updated look. Our winter here is so short and well, not very cold at all, but the few days or weeks that it gets cold and windy, it's really handy to have a comfy cardi to snuggle into.