Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Are you a celeb watcher?

The most popular sites these days are those that allow interaction and involvement from its viewers. I came across a site about celebrities that collects news and gossip items from a variety of sources and lets its readers vote for the best and leave their comments as well. The site is quite new, but has already built up quite a following it seems. Everyone is interesting in watching celebrities and especially in celeb gossip these days and this site not only gives all the information, but also lists the sources, which makes it interesting to get a complete perspective. It looks like quite an interesting concept, definitely some thing that will catch the attention of celeb watchers social networking fans.

a good blogging year

Just some quick last minute posts before I sign out for the new year. It's been a good year for blogging, I feel. I've paid more attention to my blogs this year than the last and more than just attention, it's been a bit more focused attention on the topics rather than random ramblings. Well, there have been some of that too, but then that's what a personal blog is all about, right! I can write about the book I'm reading and jump to a post on a NJ Cosmetic dentist if I feel like it. There's certainly a nice freedom to doing that, instead of feeling boxed in and having to stick only to a single topic. Here's to another prolific year in blogging.

NYE plans

With the new year almost here, everyone seems to be planning for their parties for New Year's Eve, from clothes to food to music. The party we're attending is going to be outdoors, which is going to make it really pretty cold. There will be a tent although the sides will be open and there will be a huge bonfire in the open area and individual warmers spread around the tables as well. I do hope the new year brings me some peace from the constant questions I've faced from readers regarding safe weight loss pills and so on. It's flattering to be contacted for my opinion but it just became a bit too tedious since I had to say the same thing over and over again. Here's to a new year free from all of this!

a new redo on the street

Each time I come home for a visit, there is always another house that is undergoing a renovation on our street. It's been going on for the past 5 years or more at least, and each time it seems to get more and more fancy, complicated and time consuming. Everything from the latest bath fixtures to tile flooring seem to be used in the newer houses or rather newer updates. It's a good boost to the local construction industry I suppose to see so many houses undergoing work even in slow economic times.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The truth about debt

It seems like just about everyone is living in debt these days. Our wants and needs as consumers have increased while our resistance to waiting to save for a purchase has completely disappeared. So, we all spend as we please and then are not able to pay off our expenditures on time. Each year our christmas expenditures have been rising along with more impulse buys which is a dangerous trend. Recent reports have highlighted the fact that the number of people with debt problems in increasing rapidly and will continue to do so. While most consumers are taking high interest loans to pay off their debts, what usually happens, is they they end up even deeper in debt unless they make radical changes to their lifestyle and their spending habits. How much does the average consumer really know about debt? Most have very little knowledge on the facts on debt. So while we continue to live the way we do, we will continue to face these problems.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

rushing to the bookstore?

I remember when I was in college, many students used to rush to sell textbooks before even giving the exam at the end of the term. The reason being that if the store got too many of the textbooks back, it wouldn't want yours, so there was always a rush to sell them and get some money in time for the Christmas holidays. The same went for the Spring semester, but it wasn't that much of a dash since most students were going to get jobs anyway.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

time for a vacation

We'll be leaving on vacation in a few days, so have been busy with sorting all my pending stuff out for our trip. But that still hasn't stopped me from doing a little fun surfing every once in a while, and on one of them I found the tempting sights of saint thomas on offer. Winter would be a great time to head to the Caribbean, away from the cold, away from the usual Christmas stuff, away from one's work and so on. Wishful thinking! Anyways, our vacation will be good too...filled with family members and friends and old haunts.

Christmas shopping ideas

As the holiday season heats up, its time to find some great deals and specials online I think. One of the best ideas is to look for online deals and coupons that cater tor a great number of merchants. I found some super coupons that offered up to 60% off select HBO DVDs and had lots of other specials offers as well. We've been collecting DVDs for quite some time now and are always on the lookout for deals on movies. The other great coupon that I found was coupon for an office supply store that has lots of discounts, including $30 off on any purchase of $150 and so on. It's a good time to search for deals on the Internet as retailers are pulling out all the stops to win over customers this holiday season. My holiday list is not completely ready as yet, but I have a general idea of the kind of things that I want to buy for friends and family.

ask me something inventive next time!

As much as I love the holiday months, I am almost dreading the influx of queries about all sorts of weight loss programs and fat burner systems that I usually get at the end of the vacations, when everyone realizes just how much weight they have actually put on. Well, in a way it's good too, but it gets boring since it is just so repetitive since I get asked the same question time and time again. C'mon people, come up with some inventive questions!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

wishful thinking

Well, if one is dreaming of stuff for Santa to bring for Christmas this year, why not go a tad bit overboard and wish for something like loose diamonds! What a Christmas it would be if you got a bag full of diamonds, wouldn't it! What would one do with them? Besides play with and stare at them! I love being inventive with presents, for Christmas or otherwise, but never in a million years would think of something like this!