Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long term investments

We've been thinking a lot about investments lately and have a basic plan of action in place towards short term and long term investments. Most people ignore the very long term investments and it's important not to think only short term when it comes to this area. One of the best long term investments is usually commercial real estate which is a good opportunity to ensure one has some things planned for the long term future. While it is expensive to start off, one must not be put off by that and consider the rewards of such an investment. We will soon be investing in some residential real estate which also gives good returns, but will not be as much as commercial real estate will be.

Reliance Fresh not so fresh anymore

The kind of feedback I have been getting about some of the new retail stores is really not quite encouraging about the future about the industry. The worst reviews are usually about Reliance Fresh, where the produce is not fresh and usually not even available. It's quite surprising that no one at Reliance Retail is looking into this, since it's not a recent phenomenon and has been happening across the country, regardless of location. It seems that some of the stores are being run as franchises, where they are cutting all costs and basics such as air conditioning, and driving away customers with great speed. It's really quite sad just how quickly they have gone downhill.

A new vacation idea

The one kind of vacation we have never even considered taking is a surfing one. Our friends recently planned such a trip and I was quite amazed at the detailed way they went about with their shopping, including boardshorts and the like, so that they would be completely ready to hit the surf once they got to their destination. I'm all for doing a bit of activity, other than shopping, when on vacation, but am not sure if I am cut out for such strenuous work. I would definitely love to go river rafting and so on, but surfing would take some time getting around, I think.

almost at the end now

Now that our vacation is getting close to finishing, I've started thinking of the intricacies of daily life, without all the luxuries that one has when one visits home. I will miss all of this, but then it makes one appreciate things and learn not to take them for granted. It's so easy to forget these things but after a month spent in total relaxation, going back to one's own home makes one realize how to prioritize and be selective about things. Not always an easy task, but one that must be done.

Making it special

When it comes to marketing specific products for to targeted customers, the advertisements for bridal lingerie usually do a pretty good job connecting with their audience. What really sells is the importance of the moment, since the product is no different than for other times, but it's all about capturing the essence of the marriage celebrations that make these products so special. Marketers have been using this segment of customers for making a variety of purchases, since it is a time of celebration and a lot of people go overboard when it comes to wedding expenditures.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

at a cafe nearby

Been taking so many photos recently and love to post them here as well. Here is one that I took last month, on a visit to a cafe nearby. I thought it came out quite nice, really liked the way the light came out, and the fact that it was taken from the inside, while the writing was for the outside. Something different and interesting about it, I guess.

Here it is!
inside view...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New age trade show displays

It seems that more and more displays these days are really becoming quite sophisticated and stylish. The trade show displays one sees now are a far cry from even a few years back, where things were completely different and quite boring actually. All of a sudden, it's exciting going to trade shows, even if it's just to see the displays and amazing set ups companies go in for these days. Since I have been in the travel business, I especially love going to the travel and real estate shows, where one can get to see some pretty amazing displays and arrangements.

on going home

Well, my vacation is closing towards the end and I'm not getting a very nice feeling in my actually reminds me of getting butterflies in the tummy when we used to head back to school after long vacations. It's a feeling that I don't particularly want to feel ever again, but still haven't managed to conquer. Going back to one's normal life after a vacation, is quite a come-down, besides being able to sleep in your own bed again, which is something I really like going back to. The only solution is to start planning your next getaway before the current one ends, so you have another trip to look forward to.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marketing strategies on the Internet

I'm quite amazed at just how easy it has become to get some weight loss pills these days. In my last post, I wrote about how the Internet has changed the way the travel industry works, but the Internet has also changed the way we shop and buy things, especially for items like these. With the information as easily available as it is now with the Internet, consumers are able to have the full information before they decide to buy an item. For manufacturers too, the scale of sale has increased from a local spot to across the world, making it quite a bit lucrative for them to invest in Internet marketing strategies.

changing travel times

Traveling these days is a completely different experience than it used to be earlier. Now, pretty much everything can be taken care of online, from airline tickets, to car bookings, hotel rooms, special tours, breakfast items and so on. It really makes you wonder just how one managed before the Internet penetrated the travel industry as it has done now? Things worked, some things better and some worse, but by and large everything ran smoothly. Thanks to the Internet and the competition for lower fares, a lot more people are able to travel now than ever before. It will be interesting to see where we progress to in the future.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The power of the Internet!

Where can you find everything and anything in one spot? Why, its the Internet of course! It's the one place that you can find a Scranton personal injury lawyer or a tent for your next camping trip, all from the comfort of your home. It's been a great boon for businesses that have adapted to it, those who have been able to understand the way it is able to reach out to consumers that no other medium has been able to. When the Internet first became common and "mainstream", it brought with it a completely new way of doing business and finding customers. No one would have imagined just how simple it would be to conduct business from across the world, but that's what it has become now.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dubai blue

Here's a picture that I took last month. We had gone to the building on the left for some work, and as soon as we came out, I saw this tall and narrow building on the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road that was being framed so nicely. Luckily, I carry my camera with me at all times, so managed to take this picture. I really like all the blue tones to it.

skyscraper on sheikh zayed road

Searching for insurance

In my last post I wrote about how consumers are relying on the Internet for more and more of our shopping these days. There is one additional type of service that we find on the Internet, that of car insurance. Almost everyone who buys a car, first searches on the Internet to find the best possible insurance for their vehicle and compare the plans before deciding which one to take. The best deals are all to be found on the Internet, so that really is where one should start one's search.

How we shop

As consumers become more savvy and informed about the different ways of shopping and saving money, there is sure to be a significant rise in online portals for shopping. While there already are several of these, the average consumer is still quite wary of spending their money through it. For the longest time, the only things we used to buy on the internet were airline tickets, but bit by bit, things are changing to include other purchases such as bulk book orders, flowers, hotel rooms, cars and so on. Life has of course been made so much easier thanks to the easy availability of online shopping and this concept will continue to shape our shopping actions in the future as well.

Decking out a truck

When my friend Sarah bought a new truck in college, I was really surprised at the number of accessories that she wanted to add on to jazz up her new purchase. There are just so many options such as ventshades, decals, storage facilities and so on, that can be added to increase the use and the style of a vehicle and Sarah wanted to make use of all of them. The business of truck accessories has changed radically and the kind of things that are now available are really of very high quality. More and more people are going in for such accessories, which has given a major boost to the industry.

Changing consumers

Retail in India and in the entire region has been changing rapidly for quite some time now and is likely to continue to do so for many more years as yet. While the smaller mom-and-pop stores have been protesting against the entry of organized retail for so long, consumers are getting more used to the concept and are getting accustomed and even liking this way of shopping. It is a more convenient way to shop after all, prices are a lot more competitive and the service level has also improved thanks to the increased choices. It will definitely be interesting to see how more and more people--shoppers and small retailers--switch to this format over time.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

To live in Branson!

It's been ages since I went to Branson, but I remember it quite well. I really enjoyed my few days there since it reminded me of being in the hills where I grew up. The more I think about it, the more it feels right to consider investing in some Branson real estate which can be used as a vacation home or for rental income in the more touristy months. Besides its natural beauty, Branson also holds a lot of attraction for country music lovers, thanks to all the theatres and live performances by several very popular and famous musicians. It's definitely a very worthwhile and viable option.


Since I've been posting so many photos on my Flickr page, I thought I would share some here as well. I took this photo several months ago, but am quite fond of it...maybe it's all the angles or the light or something else, but I really like the way it came out. It's not been getting too many hits, but that's because this type of photography is not my specialty, well actually no kind of photography is my specialty, but it's something I enjoy and hope to get better at it with time and practice.

Canal at Dubai Festival City