Monday, April 16, 2012

Building traffic to your site

Having a blog means that you spend a lot of time, not only writing entries but also finding ways to promote your blog. I find it quite interesting to spend time doing research on building traffic to my blog and finding new sites that offer tips and help in promoting the site. On Gather Success, a blog that delves into the Internet's secrets, I read a post on how a new blog received 3,300 visitors on the 6th day of his blog. Now, it doesn't just happen by chance, it's all marketing and promotion actually.

To build traffic, you have to get noticed and to get noticed in the web world you have to buy links from high profile bloggers or sites who will be able to direct some traffic to your site. It just goes to show how easily rankings can be manipulated by savvy marketeers. While I haven't paid for any links to my site, I am not averse to linking to blogs that deal with similar subjects to mine and in that regard I did find lots of useful information on Gather Success, including one on a link to Gather Success itself!

the romance of fans

I love this lovely spring weather we've been having lately. It had got so warm, even hot for a while, and then the rains came and for the past week, it's been just wonderfully pleasant. There is something so relaxing to sleep under a fan isn't there. I simply love it. I find that one just sleeps so much nicer and the tropical ceiling fans are such a wonderful way to ward off the heat and stillness of the summer aren't they! To me, they remind me of being on a beach vacation, of lazy days, of slumberous afternoons and tall cool drinks! In my mind, I'm already back at the beach!

mind over physique

These days all everyone seems to be talking about is sports. Everywhere I go, it's all about football, cricket, ipl, wrestling, boxing and so on. And with it all, is usually the discussion about how sports has changed in general. At one time, most sports-people looked like ordinary people, but now with such emphasis on fitness and exercise, they stand out from the crowd. So along with the talk about sports is the talk about how effective testosterone boosters are and how many sportsmen or general people are using them. Apart from the physical difference they can make, I think the edge often comes from the mental state of mind of the person taking them, as if you feel in your mind that you can do it and are the best, then you often can, regardless of any supplement or not. It's all in the mind!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

the place for cell phones

Did you know that Wirefly is the leading seller for cell phones as well as cell phone plans? I have been reading up and researching quite a bit in the past few days on cell phones and cell phone service providers, since I will be traveling for work and need a cell phone so I can be accessible at all times. When it comes to being connected, I think a cell phone is really the ultimate gadget, right? Besides using a cell phone for talking and messaging, new cell phones have tons of other options that can help you manage your work from just about anywhere. It's such features that really make these phones such great buys, and at Wirefly you can get a great deal on it too along with a huge choice of cell phones, colors and accessories.

for one's peace of mind

Planning for the future in terms of life insurance is one of those things that many people just don't like to deal with. It really should make you queasy or anything of the sort, it's just basic planning for your family's security and future. These days, it's so easy and quite painless to get yourself some good coverage, but still people ask why get life insurance when I am still young and so on and so forth. It's not a question of age or good health, it's just a good investment, that's all. And peace of mind. Don't you think so!

avoiding that back pain

At the grocery store the other day, I saw this young girl doing some pretty heavy lifting as she stocked the shelves. I wondered how she managed to do it without even wearing any back supports, which are not very bulky these days and fit a variety of body shapes, definitely the petite one included. I've had some minor back pain, mostly sprains actually, on and off, and it's not something that I would want to mess around with, since it always ends up coming back.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chocoholics beware

I love chocolate. I am, however, extremely particular about the type of chocolate I like. Not just any old kind of chocolate will do. My favorite type of chocolate is medium dark with almonds or hazelnuts. If its too dark and bitter, I don't like it. Or if it has cashew nuts, I don't like it. I also don't like chocolate that sets too hard and is too compacted, so when you take it out of the fridge you can't eat it immediately. I also have a preference for sizes of chocolates, bite size is the best and if it's going to be larger then it has to be of a softer consistency. I always, always, always have a box of my favorite chocolates in the house, so I can snack on them all the time. In fact, right now too, as I write this. I have a box of roasted almond rock chocolates from a delightful little store called Hang Out in the Lokhandwala market. Similar chocolates can be found in most Taj Hotels and at Wenger's in Cannaught Place in Delhi. Wenger's rock chocolates were the ones that got me started on my chocolate addiction. I'm not too keen on chocolate and fruit concoctions, like chocolate and strawberries. Mint thins are a delightful after dinner snack though. I came across a site on chocolate called Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates, which seems to have quite a storehouse of chocolates, candies, truffles, fudge and cherry cordials of all kinds. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates have a large assortment of boxed chocolates of which I would have to say my selection would be a box of traditional chocolates, which have a variety of cavaliers, nut clusters, crèmes, chews, caramels and truffles. Check it out if you want a chocolate rush yourself or send a box to someone else.

the gold that never loses it's shine

Everyone says gold is the best investment one can buy, no matter what the price of gold is. Even if it's a high price, it's always going to go up. And up. And up. One just has to see at what level one can afford to buy some gold and how much one can buy, then just hold on to it and wait for it to rise! The sales of gold bars has been rising constantly, so if one were to buy gold bars at Golden Eagle, then one could be assured that it would be a good investment. The only thing is that it's a very long term investment, not one to be en-cashed at a short notice. Think it over and plan for the future.

a new approach to photos

These days I've been enjoying doing a bit of different kind of photography. I've taken photos of things I normally would not even think of, but they all seem to intrigue me lately. Things like flooring tiles, marble slabs, flooring chips, paving stones and even the odd coolant pump or two. It's such a different kind of subject for me. Harsh, rigid and flat, so I try to get the textures to show, to get some kind of depth on them, to make them more interesting. Today, finally, I got to take some pics of the beautiful sprouting leaves all around. Springtime is beautiful, isn't it!

Monday, April 02, 2012

getting closer to pool season

Everyone always wants to have a pool of their own at home, don't they! And now that we're heading into summer, it's one everyone's mind! It is a great idea if you're a family of swimmers and also great for having barbecues and backyard parties, I suppose. Nowadays, one is seeing more and more smaller pools since they are much more usable than the larger ones, which can often be so hard to maintain, along with all the expensive accessories and extras, maybe like some new pool steps to make sure that your pool is up to scratch for the little ones who come to play. Pool safety is a big issue and one just cannot have any shortcuts on it.

happy to have my camera back!

Loving having my camera back from being repaired. It's funny how one gets attached to things, but I love my camera. Really, really love it. Love being able to record the little things, of E, of our lives. These days I'm also using it to compare stuff....this shoe to that one....when deciding to make a purchase! It's a handy tool, and always brings a smile to the salesmen!

An Easter gift

I'm a big fan of personalized gifts. They really stand out from all the other gifts, since they show that you've made a special effort to make them personal for the recipient. I know some of my favorite gifts have been the ones that make me feel that some thought was put into it and that it was selected just for me. But what makes them all the more special is when you find something as special as having rosary bead gifts delivered just in time for Easter. The timing is so important with gifts and since Easter is here, it's just the perfect time for such a gift.