Monday, August 31, 2009

photo: down the corridor

Reliving the Kerala trip with old photos. Here's a shot that I took in Calicut at the Beach Hotel where we stopped for lunch. The building was beautiful, built with traditional materials and had a tiled roof and I got to wander and take some nice photos. I like the perspective in this shot a lot.

down the corridor

just bought and outdated already

Sometimes it feels like one is never really done with buying technological stuff. The moment one buys one thing, it seems that a newer and upgraded version hits the market. Sometimes one can manage with little updates or by getting an sd card or two, but at other times, one just has to go the whole hog and buy it all over again. I have decided not to delay updates too long, else it just gets too much of a hassle to transfer things over from the older version. Hope I can stick to my schedule!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

spotting trends

What is it about summertime that sends sales of colas and weight loss supplements to a high? Well, actually, the latter's sales shoot up after Christmas as well, after everyone has been gorging on food at parties and disguising the added weight under layers of clothes. Sales of seasonal products show annual trends that help manufacturers and marketers in their planning for product launches and debuts. I've always been quite fascinated by understanding and spotting these sorts of trends, something along the lines of The Undercover Economist and Freakonomics, which were both awesome books.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

photo: | |

| |

I love the symbolism of doorways. Ever since I started going on my early morning walks, I have enjoyed taking shots of doors, walls and windows. Sometimes I think I will get into trouble by taking photographs of other people's home, even though I never went inside anyone gates or zoomed in to their windows. Here's a shot of a doorway in a building near Fujairah Fort in Fujairah, UAE.

celebs as fonts of truth....I think not!

OK, so if you're a celebrity watcher, like so many people seem to be these days, you will know that each one of them espouses their own version of the best diet pills, which leads to the spiking of sales every time they say it or refer to it. I'm not for pills of any kind actually, don't need to be since I'm already slim, but for those who rely on these to look good, I would recommend to meet a doctor before starting on any kind of dose. They really make weight loss look altogether too simple, which can be rather misleading to many young and impressionable girls.