Monday, August 25, 2008

sorting out the photos

Since I now have so many photographs taken over the past 8 months, I have begun to go through them and start deleting some of the repeats, similar ones, or simply bad ones. As I was going through them, I found this shot, which I had completely forgotten about. I really liked this series of shots that I took, since they are so simple and minimal, in the color or non-color rather, the composition etc. It is quite different from what I thought I would photograph, so am happy with the result.


getting trendy

Lately I have been noticing a very strong trend towards all sorts of embellishments that teenagers and young adults are going in for. Everything from body jewelry, tattoos, airbrushing and so on is very popular these days it seems. Fashion is extremely cyclical and lately the cycles have been getting shorter and shorter, quite similar even though they are are still variations of the original trend. Open any popular fashion magazine and you will understand what I mean. Younger people today are greatly influenced by what they see around them and on the television and are creating their won style of clothing and jewelry to define them.

The downsizing trend

US consumers are changing the way they shop and live. In a recent survey done by DisplaySearch, it was found that US consumers are switching to smaller size televisions, along with smaller cars. While the number of LCD TVs shipped last year increased by 52%, the bulk of this increase was made up of smaller size TVs of the 19, 21 and 32 inch sizes. Samsung still remains the number one flat screen TV manufacturer, followed by Sony. It will be interesting to see the effect of these changes in the long term, not only on the economy but also on the environment as every small change will definitely have an impact of that aspect as well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

freeing up memory

I've been running dangerously low in memory in my laptop lately and have had to delete some of the programs that I no longer use to free up some space. I spent some time researching add on memory, micro sd and so on, and have come to the conclusion that I actually need a new laptop. I've had this one for 3 years, which in the life of a laptop is quite a bit. The way I work and use the laptop has changed quite a bit too in the past few years and so I need to re-figure what all I use it for and buy one with the correct specifications. I do hope it's not going to mess up my settings for connections that I have here and when I travel, since that will be a major hassle.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Driving by

Here's a picture that I took last month, but only recently uploaded to my Flickr page. I've been taking lots of shots while in the car and a decent number of them are pretty good and interesting. It's been so hot lately, that I've been avoiding going out into the heat too much and taking a shot from the comfort of one's car is so, so easy. Not every shot is worth keeping of course, but one does get I have found!

speeding through

summer woes

Summer time is the worst time of the year for the skin. Besides battling sunburn, its acne that is on everyone's minds thanks to the high humidity levels. A certain amount of humidity is really great for the skin, but too much can wreck havoc on ones skin if one is not careful enough. One has to have a good skin care regimen to tackle acne, and one has to catch it as it starts. Only then one can have a nice peaceful summer! There are so many options available for acne treatments, but one must try them out for oneself and see what suits ones skin, instead of just relying on what the magazine's say. Good luck!

this past month

The past month has been unbelievably busy and I can't imagine just how fast it has gone by. It was just the start of July the other day and now August is here. Work wise the time has been really great, as I've had lots of assignments, and have been kept really busy. It's also been a good time for reading and I finished four books this past month. I had set myself the task of reading at least 2 books every month and so I am really happy that I managed to read double that amount. Two of the books were very serious stuff, about the Bush administration and the other two were more lighthearted, one about the wives of Henry VIII and another about a British writer's year in France. Great stuff, all of them.

The marketing behind the product

I constantly am amazed at how much difference there is in the way the different products are marketed by companies. Since electronics are deemed to be a masculine area, these ads are always edgy and manly, while for things like bedroom sets, the format is usually more feminine. That is how the marketing and consumer worlds function, but what I find interesting is that they almost have a sort of sociology undercurrent going on. Interestingly, more and more companies are realizing this bias and changing the way they make their ads, and focusing some of their ads more towards women.