Monday, February 15, 2010

TheNewsRoom: embed news on your site

Today's surfing found a very interesting site that allows you to earn money from video clips that you embed on your site. The News Room is a completely free service and signing up just takes a couple of minutes. Once you have your account set up, you can upload video clips of your choice on your site and get paid each time someone watches it. It's a great way to make money via advertising share, with CPM staring at $1. Besides cash, members can also earn prizes, including big ones such as cars and vacations. Embedding a video is as simple as copying and pasting a code and that's is.

There are thousands or licensed news stories that members can publish or 'mash' on your site. By combining content from a number of sites such as Associated Press (AP), Reuters and many more, TheNewsRoom has given access to some of the best sources of news to its members. I decided to search for some interesting news to embed and found that I had a hard time choosing just one item. With news from across the world and from all sphere's there is something for everyone at TheNewsRoom.

a new way to send wishes

Well, this is something that I've not come across too often. There was a time that people would send Christmas and other holiday cards to each other, the post offices would be inundated with bags and bags of mail, and everyone would proudly display their cards on the mantle. Now days the way to go about it apparently, is to write a post about it on your blog and email that link to your friends and family. I've not done it, but I think richard willich has. It's a new way of doing things, but not sure when I'm going to go in that direction.

never to young to.....

When is it time to start using beauty products that promise to turn back the clock? Is it in one's 40's when the lines really start showing up? Or is it in one's 30s when the lines first appear, but look more like signs of happiness than wrinkles, or is it in one's 20s when one should try to prevent them from even occurring? Well, if the manufacturers and marketers of many wrinkle crème brands are to be believed, it's the last scenario. Really, I'm not kidding, they actually think that the best time is to start using them when one is in one's mid-twenties, so that you can partly stall the damage and partly get used to the idea of applying 20,000 different things onto your face. I'm not impressed. It's all a marketing gambit obviously. Wrinkles are not "damages" as they put it, they're signs of a life well lived. Deal with it and be happy with it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

its not just for old people

I'm too young to start having joint pain, but the fact is that I do. It seems that the cartilage in my knees is worn knee is worse than the other, so it's not just something that happens to old people. I even went out and bought a bottle of joint pain supplements but then never got around to taking it till it was almost expired. Oh well! I think I was in a bit of denial myself. What has helped is moderate but regular exercise, such as walks and even going up and down stairs, which I thought would make it worse, but it has actually made it better. Hope my enthusiasm for keeping it at bay continues!

caught up in reading

I have to confess, I've barely been sleeping lately. I'm hooked onto a new series of books that is just not letting me sleep until it's late, late, late into the night, and if I don's let up a bit I'm soon going to be the one searching for things like cream for deark circles under eyes and so on. Oh dear, that can be dreary, can it not! With the days been so busy, I've just not had the time to read much during the day, although I've started taking the book with me and reading in the car...yes, it's the only time I get to read in the day time, but it has given me a head start!

photo: by the flowers

Remembering the masses of winter flowers at home when I visited in December. The weather was great at that time, bright sunny days and cool nights, hardly winter at all, and so the flowers all bloomed a bit earlier than their usual January time line.

the trend for teen spending to continue

According to research by a leading retail management group, the focus on teenagers and adolescents will continue in the coming year thanks to the huge spending potential of this segment. Despite the cash crunch, this section of the population is not cutting back its spending on what it considers as the essentials, such as treatment for blackheads or acne or for any other kind of beauty treatment that can be purchased over the counter. Marketers have noted this trend and are even bringing out newer products that will reach a wider audience.

the push to looking better at any cost

Back from all my errands and chores that pile up to be done over the weekend. Wait a minute, isn't the weekend meant to be about relaxing and enjoying the time off from work? I try to keep one day completely free of any kind of "work" so that one gets some time away from it all, but sometimes it's just not possible. This morning I'd gone to the pharmacy to stock up on vitamins and saw the largest section of the store dedicated to diets for quick weight loss programs and so on. I visit my local pharmacy every month or so to stock up, but this is the first time I've seen such a strong push towards these products, and the local neighborhood is quite conservative, so I was surprised to see it all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

photo: clarity..


Don't you love looking up into the sky and watching the trees and leaves quiver in the wind. It's my favorite kind of daydreaming along with dreaming about my dream home of course, of art to hang here, of a sofa to place there, of just the right console table and so on. Anyway, I've gone off be out in nature is a wonderful feeling for me and I love the peacefulness of this picture.

of kits of all kinds

The other day I was at the market and came across a huge variety of kits, everything ranging from pond kits to herb kits that grew in water in a little rectangular fish tank kind of glass. I was quite intrigued by it and read the instructions. It seems easy enough and even worthwhile enough to buy, especially since it wasn't too expensive. All it requires is some time and attention at the initial germination stage and then one just has to keep it watered. If only I wasn't going to be away for some time, I would go for it now. I think I will get it once I'm back. Seems like a good experiment if nothing else.