Sunday, July 26, 2009

photo: people watching

At Dubai Mall....just passing time and watching people. This was taken when the mall had just opened and there were lots of people coming in to see the new mall and especially the humongous aquarium. Malls are good people watching spots in Dubai, especially since there are cafe's spread out all across the malls and one can always find nice places to sit for a good view.

on RV vacations

Summer is the time that everyone wants to take a break, and despite the downturn of the economy, consumers are still taking vacations. The difference is that now more and more travelers are looking to travel within the US and in more cost-effective ways. One such popular trend is for traveling in RV's, which is a great way to see the country or state but also cut back on costs of hotels and restaurants. If you're planning a RV vacation, then don't forget to take the number along of a rv towing company so that if you face any problem, you have someone to help you out.

on specific searches

The other day, I came across a very interesting thing online, as is the case usually when I happen to spend some time surfing without any goal to find anything specific. Did you know that you can find a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney from the comfort of your hospital bed, if you ever find yourself in such a situation? I thought it to be quite radical, in the sense that we seem to be becoming more and more specific when it comes to our searching needs. It's not a new phenomenon I know, but I just hadn't come across something so specific before. Or maybe it was just my day to be amazed at something or the other!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

photo: viewing the viewers

One thing I really love about the hill stations of India, is that people love to walk and people love to sit and watch other people walking. We do it too :) There's almost something kind of soothing about it, to just be, to take in the surroundings, to observe and to absorb.

viewing the viewers

interesting referrals

The Internet is a great leveler. One can be anyone, anywhere and one will end up with similar results on the search engines. That makes me wonder how some people come to my blog. I really don't check the stats very often, since it's kind of boring and obsessive, but when I see a spurt of comments, I am usually intrigued enough to go check out why and how. So along with the usual referrals, I see the funny ones, like orange nj cosmetic dentist`, which I really cannot remember writing about earlier, although searches for 'orange paper flowers' do end up in the right place. I find it all very interesting how people do their searches, and where they eventually end up, usually by mistake.

rational Vs irrational fears

There are some things that one is afraid of that can be overcome with time and practice, but then there are others that are just irrational and refuse to be sorted out. I've always had a public speaking fear and although I always put it into the second category, I now realise that it is possible to overcome it bit by bit. My mind seems to just go blank when any such situation arises, but then I have noticed that at other times, when I don't perceive it as public speaking it doesn't bother me at all. So, then it actually is all just in my mind, right! Seems so simple to sort out, right!