Sunday, November 06, 2011

Oodles of results

Do you have a tough time finding stuff on the internet? Are you ready to give up on locating that perfect red car for yourself? Well, have a look at this site that is a search engine for classifieds before you give up completely. Oodle is a relatively new site that comes up with millions of local results no matter where you live for a variety of products and services, such as cars, real estate, apartments, jobs, merchandise, tickets, pets and personals. I searched for cars for sale, specifically, Mazda's in the Providence, RI area and came up with some pretty good options with all the details about the car as well as the seller.

Scanning away

Working from home is everyone's dream isn't it! I've been doing it for 6 years now and it's only become better with each passing year. What has really helped make it easier and more streamlined is having a whole host of software applications and gadgets that do so much work for me. The one thing that I use a lot of is my scanner, I just love having a good scanner, and with the one we upgraded to recently, it's a real winner. When it comes to document imaging, one just has to have something that is quick, clear and silent, so it will not bother my daughter's nap time. I scan documents almost everyday, for something or the other, and having something that's reliable, that's not going to mess up and get stuck halfway is very important to me. Ok, now I've got to go scan some stuff!

Making sure you get paid

The economy keeps on changing, the ups and down of business are always ongoing, but what remains is the need to make money, no matter what the economy is. And sometimes, getting money from customers and clients is the hardest part of it all. I mean, you've done the work for them and if they don't pay or play on time, then it's your loss. That's where collection agencies come into help, something that I wish that we had used when a few of our clients refused to pay at the height of the downturn. After a while we just had to cut our losses and when one of them offered to pay just half. And this was one of the big solid companies, not just any small start up kind of company. Well, that's just the way it has been in this economy, and hopefully having a collection agency will make it easier to collect payments.