Thursday, May 15, 2008

do you buy more books than you can read?

I've always been fond of reading, but I've noticed something a bit different now, that even though I don't get all that much time to read, I still love to buy books, as many books as I can and am way behind my reading. I have novels that I bought 4 years ago, that I have not had a chance to read! With travelogues and reference books, that's an OK time line, but novels are meant to be read, and with the way I keep buying books, I am unable to keep up with the reading. On the other hand, I am building up quite a nice library in my own home!


Patricia Rockwell said...

I'm just like you. Love books but don't always have time to read. One thing I do now is buy audio books and listen (read) while I am commuting.

Shalini said...

Lol...yes, it's really hard to resist them! I am making more of an effort to read them now. Less TV more books! I used to read my books on the way to work too, when I used to live in Bombay. Made a trip out of town today and read the entire way and back!