Tuesday, August 30, 2011

do you notice the little things?

Don't you just love the little things. I've never noticed the little things more than I do now, since my daughter was born. At times, when one is so busy and caught up with the daily stuff, one doesn't even notice the little things of beauty that one sees everyday.

would you care for some shopping?

Shopping is one of those things that totally tires and totally excites me. As fun as it can be to go shopping, I get so tired out by the whole exercise of it that I'm either giving up half way or buying something quickly just to get it over with. I do love to buy things, but the process is what I have a problem with. So, online shopping is the best way to deal with it, the happiest way! So, if I need a new pair of shoes, I could go to a fun place to look for them, like yellowbox which is such a great name, isn't it! I like this kind of shopping.

Monday, August 29, 2011

storming it out

The recent hurricane on the east coast reminded me of college days when tornado's were a common occurrence. As exciting as they were, one could not be casual about them and had to take all the necessary precautions such as going to the tornado shelters, or the basement or at least to an internal room to prevent injuries from flying debris. Although the recent hurricane was eventually downgraded to a tropical storm, there was still plenty of danger from flooding and fallen trees etc.

a good night!

A little light at the end of the day. I love lighting some candles once I finish my work in the kitchen and make us some cups of tea. It's a nice quiet way to end the day. I've been drinking green tea a few times a day and I love having it right after my meals.

in the area

Living in a new area means that there are bits of construction going on somewhere or the other in our area. And then even the areas that are complete, suddenly get dug up, new pumping stations being made, several industrial pumps chugging along, side by side with the new palm trees and bougainvilleas. There are lots of advantages of course, like the series of new stores and restaurants opening almost every day, especially the restaurants, but sometimes the noise and endless work gets on one's nerve at times. I've come to enjoy our evening walks in the area, even though they are punctuated by sounds of construction. After a while I suppose one just doesn't register them.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

time for a new pair

Ever since I got an eye infection and had to wear my glasses for a few weeks, I've become fascinated by them, to the point that I've even considered getting a pair of reading glasses, even though I technically don't need them. I wear contact lenses, so at the end of the day when I take them off, I put on my glasses, and I really would like a different pair of glass specifically for reading. I got a new pair recently, but they just keep slipping a bit lopsidedly, which is most irritating. So, maybe I should keep this one as a backup and get a new pair of glasses.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

photo: shadows on the wall

Remembering the awesome play of light and shadow in the old apartment. We get really bright light here but it's not the same thing as in the last place, where there was a nice warmth to the sunlight. Whenever I go through my old photo folders, I find shots that make me go back, to remember what it was like.