Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Natural remedies

Did you know that gout is a relatively hidden disease and that a lot of people don't even know they have it until they feel some pain. Most gout medicines have several side effects, but a natural remedy such as Goutinol is said to be very effective and work in 2-3 days, without any negative side effects. The medicine has been clinically tested to be 99% effective and is formulated using the latest technology. According to published studies, continued use of this herbal remedy can lead to a reversal and complete cure.

enjoying the new pool in our building

All I can think about these days is ways to spend our time outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. Even though we have nice weather about 6-7 months of the year, the rest of the year it gets so unbearable, that one just must make the best of the good weather. Our building has been getting lots of new treats in the outdoor department, with the new outdoor pool opening up, apparently with hayward pool pump motors which they say will be more efficient. They've even put in a new table tennis table, if you'd rather stay indoors! Now, I just hope they jazz up the barbecue area a bit with more seating and plants!

let's go trekking!

Since the weather is so perfect these days, we're thinking of going out for some treks. Nothing like being out in nature, hearing the wind instead of traffic and it just seems to tempting to ignore. I haven't gone hiking for a pretty long time, so I went to a outdoor sports store to stock up on some things I might need and ended up completely in awe of the things they had, things like these camelbak hydration systems. So cool I thought and so handy to have on a trek too. But all the shopping aside, I've yet to come up with a good location to go trekking. I wish there were marked trails here, but alas it's all just open mountainside and that's it. And it turns out that many of the options are for more experienced trekkers, so I'll keep on hunting till I find the right trail!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creative gifts

More gift ideas for Christmas. The Old Gift Shop is located in New York and has a huge selection of historic gifts, souvenirs and collectibles. If you need to buy any kind of old world gifts and collectibles such as figurines, tapestries, miniature landmarks, ship models then this is definitely the place you want to be. The store is a great find for history buffs of any kind, who are interested in ancient Egyptians, ancient Romans, ancient Greeks, the Vikings and the samurai. There is also a large selection of nautical and pirate related merchandise.

winter happiness

Winter is here and I love just how incredible the weather is. Warm sunny days and cool nippy nights is just the perfect kind of winter for me. There was a time during college that winter meant snow, snow and more snow. That was a lot of fun too, but in a completely different way. The quantities of hot cocoa that were consumed were enormous! And sometimes it just really made sense to live in something like these ski pants at PeterGlenn.com. Winter in those days meant cold snowy days, but now they are warm sunny days where one doesn't even need a sweater most of the time. All I can say is that I'm really enjoying what we have now!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

binoculars are what I need

Each time I go uphill to the hills of Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas, the one thing I make sure I have is a pair of binoculars. The variety of birds we have is simply amazing and it is such a joy to watch and identify birds. While my binoculars is quite old, I have been considering updating it with a newer one, but wasn't sure where I could find one. On doing some research, I found that the steiner binocular brand is the best in the industry, as they are tough with a rubber armored exterior, shock resistant, waterproof and made in Germany. Eagle Optics is one of the best sources for steiner binoculars as they have low prices, superb customer service, great selection and even free financing for orders over $200. So whether you need a pair for hunting, police work, surveillance or any other reason, Steiner binoculars are simply the best.

Shopping a chore?

Christmas shopping time can be a really tough time for those who don't have a passion for it, pretty much all men I suppose! Shopping can be a chore for a lot of people actually, not just men, but what makes it easier are the gift guides that give you so many options, so if you're looking for gifts for girls then having a set of gifts bunched together in different price points makes it all so much easier. I like it when stores organize gifts by interests, so if you have to buy something for someone who loves the outdoors, then being guided to something suitable like a gps gift set will like is made much easier.

more jobs on the market

One keeps reading that the job market is picking up, that the economy is gaining steam and that things will be getting back on track. And then on the other hand, one sees news about more debt crises and so on, which is never a good thing. What I think is a good measurement of things looking up is companies actively recruiting, so when I see that System Engineer Jobs are in demand, then it's more of a truer gauge of the state of the economy. Also, when I see that people are changing jobs more readily, it makes me feel that ok, things will get better soon. So much of all this is how one perceives it, isn't it, how one thinks things will turn out. Just a bit of philosophy!