Friday, February 24, 2012

Jazzing up your computer

I'm always amazed at the specialization of products and services that has occurred on the Internet. It is now possible to get as detailed and specific as one can possibly get for a variety of products. I was browsing around and found a site that sells amazingly unique computer cases and case mods. Catering mostly to gamers across the world and has a huge variety of cases, in clear, aluminum, window and even custom cases. I think that one of the best things that the Internet has created, is the niche products that are not usually available in stores are now readily available on the Internet. Don't you think so too?

a couple of step stools

We've been thinking of adding some cupboards to increase storage space in the kitchen and pantry and to take advantage of the high ceilings. I mean, all one would need is a nice step stools with handles so one could reach the higher shelves, that's all. Talking about stepstools, I've been looking for a nice one for e to use when she washes her hands and brushes her teeth. I want something a little inventive, maybe like a fire engine painted step stool, instead of just the usual stuff. Sometimes, one has to use all the ammunition one has to get kids to do the things you want them to do!

a helmet as a cap!

I'm fascinated at the way babies and little kids view the world. They are not held back by pre-defined answers, they say it as they see it and boy oh boy I love their creativity. Lately, whenever e sees people wearing any kind of motorcycle helmet, she waves at them and calls them caps. I just find it so sweet, and so inventive. I only hope I can remember some of these sweet things she does over the years so I can tell her all the stories! Writing about them on the blog or even in an email to family and friends, will make it easier to remember though, I suppose.

The best source for tech news

If you are a modified technology buff like me, then you're going to love this tip. The best place to go to for news on the latest technology trends, new gadgets and gizmos, software and tech related companies is The Tech Planet. I call myself a 'modified' technology buff, since I am curious about technology but not always able to understand the high falutin ways of the technology world. The Tech Planet on the other hand, writes in a manner that I can understand and even manages to draw me in further. The articles cover a wide variety of topics to please both tech and non-tech readers. I especially liked the article on United's new First Class services. Now this is something that just about everyone would be interested in knowing and with the amount of traveling I've done this year, it should be something that I'll be saving for my next trip.

Friday, February 17, 2012

a rustic retreat

I'm still on vacation, but since I'm on at extended stay at home, decided to get back to blogging a bit, especially since I have a good amount of time on my hands. All our trips out have been great, we've been to the beach, to a jungle retreat, to the hills and to a wonderful little farmstay. That was the best part of it all, and I loved the rustic decor in all the rooms, which made it feel so much more authentic having log furniture in the rooms as well as in the sit outs right outside the rooms. It was such a change from all the usual resorts. A wonderful place. I'll be posting photos of the farm and our stay later on.