Thursday, September 30, 2010

nothing like comfy shoes, right!

I'm still surprised at the number of brands available here. There is something from every part of the world it seems. Take shoe brands for instance, there is everything from the super luxurious to the thrifty and everything in between as well. I was happy to see that steve madden shoes were also available. These days, I can only look at and try on the super fancy shoes, I don't even consider buying anything with a heel and love coming home to wear my comfy chappals! I'm thinking of trying out some reflexology soles or shoes to see if they make my feet feel better after all the running around we've been doing these past few weeks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

photo: in the evening.

in the evening

Nothing like a relaxed afternoon or evening, isn't it! although this looks like it was a relaxed time, I was probably rushing around to cut the fruit, to grab my camera from the bedroom, to take some pics and then gobble up the guava before little E called out for me. Life's like that!

gift giving options

I'm always looking for great gift ideas for different family members, so when the time comes, I already have an idea on what to buy, instead of getting something generic and hurried at the last minute. One of the things that has been on my list for a while is a pair of Nikon binoculars that will be good for bird watching, since 'someones' old ones are a bit bulky to carry around and need an overhaul. The 'someone' I am talking about never sees my blog so it's ok to write about it out here, but I still don't want to mention the name :-)

thanks to my over enthusiasm

For a lot of people, knee and joint pains start once they hit middle age, but I've had knee problems for a while already. In fact, it started out right after college, when I worked endless and thankless hours at my first job. I suppose I was so kicked at getting such a great job, and the highest salary of my class, that I wanted to really excel. That I did, but I also messed up my knees for a lifetime. According to the docs, what happened was that the cartilage between the knee caps is wearing out, the technical name for it is something like Chondromylacia or some such thing, and one of the key things that helps reduce the damage is the right mix of vitamins glucosamine chondroitin msm. The dosage has to be right, but also the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin in the same capsule, so make it doubly effective. Most of the time I have no daily problem with my knees, but coming down steps bothers me as well as getting up after a 3 hour movie at the theatres.

Keep track of your health

The techniques of getting fit have moved far beyond just eating healthy and exercising. With the kind of lifestyles we lead and the kind of food we eat, we need to keep track of each and everything we eat, how much we work out and how many calories we have burnt. It's hard to keep track of all this data and that's where a calorie counter comes in handy. Where to get one? Go online and search for them and you'll find a lot of interesting products, such as food calorie counters, which looks pretty much like a regular calculator but does a whole lot more, like calculating calories, fat, carbs intake. Besides home-cooked food, the calorie counter can also has food items from restaurants like McDonald's, Wendy's and many more.

the right ads in the right place

Have you ever noticed that marketers have been using social media for pushing their products? All social networking sites, especially popular ones like Facebook have a host of advertisements on the side, all fine tuned to your local area, so that you can click away for getting the safest acne treatment or getting class photos printed on T-shirts for your reunion and so on. I only noticed these ads quite recently. Well, since I don't go on to Facebook much, I'm not likely to notice them earlier, am I? The thing is that I was quite impressed at the reach of their local ads. I mean, some were of places that I'd actually go to, but hadn't known where to find them. So it's a job well done for the marketers and SEO chaps.

not quite so batty yet

Reading what I wrote some time back on a blog post might worry some people that I'm getting too impatient at losing the baby weight, but it's really not as if I'm going around asking everyone can i buy apidexin in stores or some such thing. No way, I'm quite sane, still. And I hope to remain that way! Maybe it's just too late at night to be up and blogging. And you look at the time I posted this and say, wait, 9pm isn't too late at all, but for me it might as well be 3am, since my little baby decided not to sleep at all today and bypassed all her naps. Well, she takes two of them in a day. All of them makes it seem like so many....ah, I remember the early days, when all she wanted was milk and sleep. I could get to sleep in the day time too, but now I can't remember the last time I took a nap during the day. And so I'm back to rambling....Ooops.

Simplifying medical processes

The health care industry is one of the most dynamic industries at the moment. With the number of patients rising, the kind of systems that are required to make the process efficient are increasingly coming onto the market. With products like Timeline-MD physicians, nurses and medical students can use to create, modify, delete or make other changes to your record so that all information is available for use at a later time. Symptoms are noted on a patient's record, so that a doctor can get a better idea of the history of the medical issue. The system does not require any download and you can be signed up in just 10 seconds.

the last 2 that won't budge

I'm in a bit of a odd situation these days. I've always been a skinny to slim girl but now after the baby, it feels weird to have a different body. I've got just the last 2 kilos to go but they don't seem to want to budge at all, and I'm so tempted to go in for something radical like searching for how to burn belly fat and taking the plunge. Well, actually, I'm not going to do anything like that but at times the frustration gets to me and I'm so tempted to go take a look at them when I go past the pharmacies. Got to get my mind to a different direction I think!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

as life goes on...

One of the important pending jobs we had we I got back home was to add on insurance. Having basic health insurance is important, but nothing makes you realize the importance of having backups than having a baby. Sometimes it is as simple as getting some insurance quotes and getting started on a more all rounded package for the whole family, instead of the basic package. Life's priorities go for a six, when you add a little bundle of joy in the mix. What you think are the important things aren't worth much at all and so on.

back to blogging

I'm back after ages and ages it seems. Well, actually it really has been ages since I blogged here. So much has been happening in our lives in the past year, such exciting times but also exhausting times, since it leaves me with little energy to do anything but the basic. Well, anyhow, lately I've been feeling that it's time to get back to some of the things I used to do, and so I thought blogging is a good start to get back some of the old stuff, and when my neighbor asked me about where to find some groomsmen gifts for the wedding she is helping to organize, I could not resist going online, and finding some local companies who do stuff like this. And then, of course, I blogged about it :-)