Thursday, April 15, 2010

Protecting online documents

For anyone who works on a computer, which is the majority of the people, it is essential to have a reliable data security setup, so you don't need to worry about loss or theft of sensitive data. There's been a buzz on the Internet the last few days about an online data security system by, who is giving free downloads of its software for a limited time. Better still, it's not a trial version that they are giving, but the real deal. Their system is reportedly the best way to protect email and attachments, store data on hard drives, laptops and portable media. SecureZIP integrates with Microsoft Outlook and automatically encrypts, digitally signs and zips email messages and attachments. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP is what one needs to get set up, to have peace of mind and assurance that one's data is secure. It's the way of the future, so get your completely free download today!

corporate gifting

Corporate gifting has become a big deal lately and with each passing day, it seems to gain more importance. Whether it is some office item like personalized stationary or pens or something more personal like cigars, the popularity is rather amazing. With some companies, it doesn't matter what you gift, but how expensive and exclusive the gift is. In other words, a good gift is one that is hard to find, due to its price or just its exclusivity and if you get something like this, you're sure to gain some points.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more jobs on the horizon

A lot of people are talking about how the rise of job sites is making a difference in ending the drought of jobs. I do think many companies are being more aggressive when it comes to marketing their services, but also many of them are changing their tactics and not playing hardball as they were inclined to do earlier, when they held all the cards. Now, many companies are looking for people, and often are using their internal hiring departments instead of using outside companies, which are feeling the pinch, hence the rethinking of the strategy.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tomksoft's Techblog: a valuable find

As a blogger, one tends to read a lot of blogs to learn something new, a new product, a new perspective or a new trend. Those are my top three reasons for looking for interesting sites and lately my interest has been shifting towards reading more and more technology related blogs. I am a retail analyst, but I have a curious mind and like reading about the ways that technology has adapted and woven it's way into pretty much all aspects of our lives. While my main focus is on reading about retail related technologies, I am fascinated by the subject as a whole.

My latest find was a techblog called Tomksoft's Techblog, which is written by Tomasz Klekot, a 14 year old living in Poland. While the blog is for the most part quite technical and highfalutin, I found myself reading post after post, as Tomasz is able to elaborate on his subjects rather well. The main focus of the blog is of course programming, software languages, delphi and Google Adsense, which I found I had to bookmark immediately, so that I could come back and re-read it. Do read how he wrote some code to get 7000 emails off the Internet in just 10 minutes.

must have jackets that keep changing

Before I went to college in the States, I really wanted one of those letter jackets that football players wore. I didn't know that you couldn't just buy them, players had to earn them, but I kept telling my sister that's what I wanted and she must get it for me! Nowadays, it seems that these Nascar jackets are more popular than the old style letter jackets worn by football players. What's the next craze going to be?

everyday jewelry?

Who doesn't love diamonds? Everyone right! I'm not one for wearing too much jewelry, actually any real jewelry at all, but even I love to look online at diamonds in my free time! The other day my mother asked me why I don't wear any gold at all, no chain, no bangle etc, and I said I just couldn't be bothered wearing the same thing day in and day out...I love to play with my casual jewelery, changing it on a daily basis. But she has a point, I think it's high time I get some nice gold bracelet, something modern that I would like to wear everyday, something that would fit my lifestyle.

The viability of reseller programs

The Internet is a source of income for a lot of people who earn large amounts of money from it. One of the ways that people make money online is by domain name registration and Internet businesses. There are thousands of inactive websites out there, some with good SEO keywords in it that can be resold for a profit and there are lots of reseller program companies that will help you get started. To earn money from this business, you need to be able to resell domain names and hosting in bulk. The way to go about it is to do your research on what niche you want to focus on.

With some kind of a local resellers program, all you have to do is select the products you want to sell and activate the list. Pricing is up to you, so you can determine just how much profit you want to make. The entire website can be set up in under an hour and you can customize the images, font etc to what you prefer. Having a reseller program is a great way to earn a secondary income. I think one of the major concerns would be regarding how much knowledge was required to do something like this successfully, but a good amount of research can set that right.

limits of meanness

When one goes to the Chemist or doctor's office one has to be prepared for anything and everything. I hate it when the receptionist at a doctor's office is not proper about being quiet about patient's complaints. I mean, no one really wants to know that the pretty lady in the pink skirt was here for treatment for hemorrhoids and see her turn into all shades of pink herself. That's just plain mean on the part of anyone. Chemists seem to do it too, often yelling across the store when the prescription is ready, with the complaint, only to find someone quietly slink to the counter, grab the medication and then rush back out head down. I sometimes think they do it on purpose.