Monday, April 16, 2012

Building traffic to your site

Having a blog means that you spend a lot of time, not only writing entries but also finding ways to promote your blog. I find it quite interesting to spend time doing research on building traffic to my blog and finding new sites that offer tips and help in promoting the site. On Gather Success, a blog that delves into the Internet's secrets, I read a post on how a new blog received 3,300 visitors on the 6th day of his blog. Now, it doesn't just happen by chance, it's all marketing and promotion actually.

To build traffic, you have to get noticed and to get noticed in the web world you have to buy links from high profile bloggers or sites who will be able to direct some traffic to your site. It just goes to show how easily rankings can be manipulated by savvy marketeers. While I haven't paid for any links to my site, I am not averse to linking to blogs that deal with similar subjects to mine and in that regard I did find lots of useful information on Gather Success, including one on a link to Gather Success itself!

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