Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chocoholics beware

I love chocolate. I am, however, extremely particular about the type of chocolate I like. Not just any old kind of chocolate will do. My favorite type of chocolate is medium dark with almonds or hazelnuts. If its too dark and bitter, I don't like it. Or if it has cashew nuts, I don't like it. I also don't like chocolate that sets too hard and is too compacted, so when you take it out of the fridge you can't eat it immediately. I also have a preference for sizes of chocolates, bite size is the best and if it's going to be larger then it has to be of a softer consistency. I always, always, always have a box of my favorite chocolates in the house, so I can snack on them all the time. In fact, right now too, as I write this. I have a box of roasted almond rock chocolates from a delightful little store called Hang Out in the Lokhandwala market. Similar chocolates can be found in most Taj Hotels and at Wenger's in Cannaught Place in Delhi. Wenger's rock chocolates were the ones that got me started on my chocolate addiction. I'm not too keen on chocolate and fruit concoctions, like chocolate and strawberries. Mint thins are a delightful after dinner snack though. I came across a site on chocolate called Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates, which seems to have quite a storehouse of chocolates, candies, truffles, fudge and cherry cordials of all kinds. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates have a large assortment of boxed chocolates of which I would have to say my selection would be a box of traditional chocolates, which have a variety of cavaliers, nut clusters, crèmes, chews, caramels and truffles. Check it out if you want a chocolate rush yourself or send a box to someone else.

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