Friday, March 23, 2012

are you musically inclined

I'm on a roll about music and guitars, aren't I! Maybe it's because I can see just how much my little girl responds to it and how much she enjoys listening to and dancing with the music. Rhythm is something you're born with and if you have it, then it shouldn't be wasted. And as a mother, you want to encourage your kids to try everything, to be their best at whatever they are interested in. And I really think that my little girl is going to be interested in music. So, I've been thinking that it's time that I do a little work myself, learn an instrument or two maybe, taking some singing lessons maybe...oh boy, that would be really embarrassing to do. But really, what appeals the most to me is to learn how to play the guitar, maybe something as beautiful as Schecter Guitars, which are a work of art in themselves. Maybe, then I can inspire her to follow her heart...into music or whatever it is that will drive her.

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