Wednesday, January 12, 2011

learning about nutrition all over again

Let's be honest, I've never really bothered too much about nutrition since it all just came naturally. I mean, you eat your veggies, fruits, drink milk and water and make sure you have a good amount of fiber and protein and you're all set, right? Well, since having a baby, I've realized that I know nothing at all and I need to learn about different foods and in which combination they should be eaten all over again. As much as I love to browse decor blogs, what I have been doing lately, is looking up meal plans for 8-12 month olds, vegetables and fruits high in fiber, and even once got sidetracked to a natural diuretics site that listed foods that retain water. I've found some really great sites that I have bookmarked and will be visiting again and again, so it's been a time well spent.

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