Saturday, January 01, 2011

Doggy tales

My father has always loved dogs and grew up having a pet. My mother on the other hand, didn't care much for dogs, so we didn't have any pets when we grew up. In a surprising twist, my mother had a change of heart and decided to get a pup, a black Labrador retriever. My father was of course thrilled. In the two years that they have had Zorro, they have grown to love him so much that they can't believe they didn't have a dog all these years. There is just something special about a dog's devotion to you. So, since the past two years, they have been hooked onto buying stuff for Zorro, toys, chewables, and a who bunch of other stuff. Sadly, Zorro died of diabetes and now they have another dog, another black Labrador retriever called Marco.

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rama said...

Just happened to come to your site, and I have been reading some of your blogs in both places: very interesting.
My father too is great lover of dogs, and whether we liked or not we were always surrounded by pups all the time.
We also have a Golden Ret. and she is called Toffee, a very cute and lovely dog. Before her we had a Lab, that was also very cute, but dies when she was just 3 and half years.
Dogs are so good, if one wants to know what is unconditional love , one must keep a dog to know it.
I can understand the joy your parents are getting through their dog.
Happy New Year!