Tuesday, November 02, 2010

is it time for new traditions?

The festival season is here already, can you believe it! Have you done all your shopping? With the way gold prices have been lately, a lot of people are getting really creative about gifts and instead of traditional gold purchases, many are opting for silver instead. Would you consider buying a couple of silver bars or is that just too different? I like the idea of adapting to the times and being open to changes or maybe even starting a new tradition, but a part of me still wants to do things the old fashioned way. Maybe starting off with silver earrings and bracelets will be a better transition!


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. Im waiting to go shopping tomorrow.. Shalini.. I've always liked silver or white gold.. rather than the yellow one.. So Im in for change.. :-)

Hope you are settling down well in your new home.. I do want to meet you and the little one..

Shalini said...

Happy shopping and Yay to change! I love white gold too. I like silver, but it's so much harder to maintain!

We're still settling in....each time I think I'm getting done, I realize how much is left :-(

Yes, let's meet up...although I'm here just for 10 days and then heading home for a break.