Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A long busy day

Today has been a super hectic day. I did everything from our weekly groceries, to shopping for socks, leggings, caps, winter dresses etc for Elisha for our upcoming trip back home, which took me from one end of Ibn Batuta mall to the other, looking for our so-hard-to-find SoundDock speaker battery which has been on our list for the past two months and refuses to be available, and of course, a little time at Starbucks in Borders looking through some magazines while sipping a hot chocolate. On the home front, I did the laundry, found that box of green tea that I brought back from Kerala, scanned some documents for my hubby, which ended up taking 40 minutes since some of the pages kept getting chopped off on the sides and I had to keep redoing them. Whew, I feel like I've got a lot done today, with my cross country mall trek, that I don't need to secretly start looking for a fat burner or any such thing to lose any weight, right!

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