Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last chance emails for event registrations

As we rely more on the web for business and recreational activities, the ways to connect are increasingly becoming more streamlined. Take registration forms for example, they used to be cumbersome and complicated at one time, but as newer systems are being created these processes are becoming not only simpler but also better managed. I find that when I'm interesting in registering for an online event which has a registration process that is too long or asks too many details, I just lose interest.

The main things I look for when registering for events on the Internet, is that the process is quick and that I receive a confirmation letter immediately, giving me all the details of the event, such as the date, time, cost due or cost paid etc. I also like having a 'remind me' option which sends an email reminding you of the event a day earlier.

A new feature on registering for events is being offered by Regonline who specializes in event organization software, that consumers who do not complete the registration process, can still be sent a sort of a 'last chance' email with special promotional deals such as price discounts or specialized customer service help. I'm not so sure I would like to receive one of these though. If I haven't completed the form, it means that I have changed my mind. Although, price is a factor is a lot of these decisions and if a discount was offered, it could tilt the balance. I think overall registration could be increased from 15-25% by sending such a letter out.

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