Monday, September 20, 2010

the last 2 that won't budge

I'm in a bit of a odd situation these days. I've always been a skinny to slim girl but now after the baby, it feels weird to have a different body. I've got just the last 2 kilos to go but they don't seem to want to budge at all, and I'm so tempted to go in for something radical like searching for how to burn belly fat and taking the plunge. Well, actually, I'm not going to do anything like that but at times the frustration gets to me and I'm so tempted to go take a look at them when I go past the pharmacies. Got to get my mind to a different direction I think!


Patricia Torres said...

Shalini.. you are complaining about 2 kilos.. Gosh!! in that case.. i dont want to see you.. You might faint looking at me!! I've always been on the healthier side of the globe.. ;-) .. but after the girls.. I just couldnt get rid of about 8 kilos... and I never did..

So Im not talking about this to you!!

Shalini said...

Lol, I know I shouldn't but it just makes me feel so funny that I need to get rid of it, or at least part of it, before I get used to it.