Tuesday, April 06, 2010

everyday jewelry?

Who doesn't love diamonds? Everyone right! I'm not one for wearing too much jewelry, actually any real jewelry at all, but even I love to look online at diamonds in my free time! The other day my mother asked me why I don't wear any gold at all, no chain, no bangle etc, and I said I just couldn't be bothered wearing the same thing day in and day out...I love to play with my casual jewelery, changing it on a daily basis. But she has a point, I think it's high time I get some nice gold bracelet, something modern that I would like to wear everyday, something that would fit my lifestyle.


Sumi said...

My mother too is very exasperated with me because I don't wear any jewellery and especially avoid gold.I would much rather buy ten artificial jewellery items at the same cost.But yeah,it's nice to have some Gold too for weddings and stuff because people stare at you if you are married and not laden with tons of gold ornaments.;-)

Shalini said...

Yes, so true....so much more fun to be able to change stuff everyday. It's important to have some heavy stuff too, but all it does is sit in a locker.