Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tomksoft's Techblog: a valuable find

As a blogger, one tends to read a lot of blogs to learn something new, a new product, a new perspective or a new trend. Those are my top three reasons for looking for interesting sites and lately my interest has been shifting towards reading more and more technology related blogs. I am a retail analyst, but I have a curious mind and like reading about the ways that technology has adapted and woven it's way into pretty much all aspects of our lives. While my main focus is on reading about retail related technologies, I am fascinated by the subject as a whole.

My latest find was a techblog called Tomksoft's Techblog, which is written by Tomasz Klekot, a 14 year old living in Poland. While the blog is for the most part quite technical and highfalutin, I found myself reading post after post, as Tomasz is able to elaborate on his subjects rather well. The main focus of the blog is of course programming, software languages, delphi and Google Adsense, which I found I had to bookmark immediately, so that I could come back and re-read it. Do read how he wrote some code to get 7000 emails off the Internet in just 10 minutes.

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Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

checked out his blog too, quite awesome! Thanks for the link:)