Thursday, March 12, 2009


Since I just wrote a post about stamping and ordering stamps online, I thought I would post a shot of the one that I got made several years back. It's made from a sketch that I doodle all the time, just reduced on the photocopy machine to the size that I wanted the stamp in. In retrospect, I realize that I reduced it too much, as the lines all blur together.



अविनाश said...

looks good

Patricia Torres said...

looks very beautiful!!

Chandan said...

nice. Don't you have a charcoal sketch of the same pattern in a frame some where? I love stamping post more pix S!

Rekha said...

I tried doing the same using some block prints I had and they turned out quite well.

Shalini said...

Avinash, thanks!

Patricia, thanks!

Chandan, you're right. I have a large version of the same thing, but that one was made in late 2007 and this is probably from 2003. The large version was drawn freehand with a regular black pen! I need to start making some more....first by carving more patterns!

Rakha, I wish I had some more ready made ones to play around with....but making them is satisfying too.

arundati said...

thanks for the link.... i've been wondering where i could get something like this forever!!