Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Central Perk

We all love Friends don't we? I do to, and have been watching it right from when it started. Thursday nights were sacred, to be spent with friends in front of the TV, watching Friends and then ER. When I read about the real Central Perk cafes in Dubai, I knew I had to visit....for nostalgia's sake. Well, we finally did and it was nice. Here's a photo from our visit of the Central Perk in Uptown Mirdiff in Dubai.



अविनाश said...

nice one

Patricia Torres said...

You are kidding me... Shalini!!! I've got to go!! I've not even been to Uptown Mirdiff... Isnt that sad now!!!

overturned blue shoe said...

it doesn't look as cozy as the one the 'friends' hung out it?
well i guess the conversation always counts too..

Shalini said...

Patricia, you must's a fun experience. There's a picture of the Central Perk in Jumeirah in Friday's Khaleej Times....I didn't know there was one there....there is one in The Greens I think.

It was our first trip to Uptown Mirdiff too...and Central Perk was the main pull.

overturned blue shoe, it's not the same layout, but has pretty much the same style of decor, with color velvet sofas, brick walls etc.