Sunday, March 15, 2009

looking for sales jobs?

Since I write quite a bit on retail on another blog, I get a lot of inquiries about finding sales jobs. While I don't run any kind of business myself on this front, I am really getting inundated with inquiries for jobs, franchising offers and supplier queries. A lot of people are not getting the point of blogging or differentiating it from news sites or company websites. Clarifying the matter hasn't made any difference at all and the queries still continue. Oh well!


Patricia Torres said...

ha ha ha.. I know what you mean.. I get a few of those as well. Do I want to partner for a retain store?? or I do manufacture any one of the things I have pictures of... All sorts!!

There are some wierd people out there!!

Shalini said...

Exactly! It's nice to get the traffic, but it gets tedious to answer the same thing again and again!