Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shuffling vacations

We try to take different kinds of vacations each time we travel. Even though I love going to the beach and the mountains, if we were to do that every time, it would get boring really quickly. So, the trick is to alternate between hectic city vacations, historical jaunts, peaceful sojourns and party filled Vegas vacations. It certainly makes life a lot more interesting I feel. A lot of people invest in a cottage by the lake or on the beach and then get tied down to only going there, which I think is a total waste. The whole world is out there waiting to be explored, so don't go to the same place again and again. I agree, there is a certain charm in going for repeat vacations, since one really gets a higher level of comfort with a certain place, but combine those with new spots as well. It'll be totally worth it, I assure you.

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