Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party planning

Party planning has got a huge boost thanks to all the tools one can find on the Internet. I use Hallmark Smilebox for all my cards since I am able to add photographs to the cards and email them to friends and family. Today, when searching on the Internet, I found a site called MyPunchbowl where you can plan a party, right from selecting the date, creating a menu, offering a potluck list and even being able to send photographs to the party invites as well. I signed up for this site, but have yet to use it as yet. I will probably test it out just to see how it works, especially the look of the party invites and if I will be able to add photos to the invites or not.


Patricia Torres said...

whats the update on this site?? was it good?

Shalini said...

It was pretty cool. We used MyPunchBowl for organizing my ma-in-law's birthday party last year, for which relatives and friends came from all over the country. It made it much easier to keep all the invitations and RSVP's together. They have a lot of post-party stuff too, like posting pictures of the party, but we never got around to doing that.