Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Starting on investments

As one progresses in life and starts to accomplish goals, one realizes the importance of creating an investment fund of some sort. The two best investment options are either mutual funds or land investment, which is usually for the longer run. For a lot of people, short term investing is a good way to start off, and then branch off into long term investments which you will not want to touch for many years to come. We recently set aside some money to invest and have started off two separate streams of investment, one with mutual funds and one with property. Each month we add to our savings and to our investments, which will add up to a good amount in the long term.


Adorable Bad Guy said...

Well MF is another way of trading in stocks. My problem with land is, just by its nature it's immovable and illiquid. For example land in US will always remain here and be traded in Dollars. If the price goes up but dollar weakens you may still lose money.

In coming days as the US grapples with a recession, its the other natural resources that will become expensive. Starting with Food to Oil to Gold. As these can be traded far easily.

If someone has investment dollars, they should put a little in commodities.

Caveat:: I'm historically / statistically proven poor investor.

Shalini said...

Thanks for your input. Yes, land investments are immovable, but with property prices shooting up in Dubai, it's a good place to make investments in property and cash out much earlier than is usually the case with land or property.

My mutual funds are taken care of by my bank and are totally for the long term. I check the monthly statement online and let them know whenever I have additional money to invest and that's about it.

I would not be able to do handle it myself, but this way it's been pretty good!