Sunday, November 18, 2007

The future of online shopping

According to research by Harris Interactive for Microsoft Corp., an estimated 45% of adults in the US shop online and the main reason the bulk of shoppers refrain from shopping online is due to security concerns, with 60% of shoppers who do not spend money online because they do not wanting to share personal information online.

A large number of people who do not shop online, also cited as enjoying the store experience and being able to shop more thoroughly in a brick and mortar store. About 20% of online shoppers have experience online fraud and 14% of consumers surveyed said that they had been tricked into clicking an ad that was a fraud.

Some of the other findings show that of the consumers that shop online, about 3% of them plan to do all their holiday shopping online, while 16% of them plan to do most of the shopping online. Almost three-fourths of the online shoppers said that they would do the same amount of shopping online as they did last year, while 13% said they would shop more and 12% stating they would shop less.

The most attractive thing about shopping online was the freedom to shop at any time they wanted to, with a greater selection of items and saving money as the other main reasons to shop online.

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