Monday, September 17, 2012

a concert a day!

We recently upgraded our cable connection to a better package and to the dvr system and since then have been able to watch all our favorite shows instead of watching whatever was on, usually something that one didn't want to see all that much. So, lately, I have caught up with many of my old favorites new seasons and movies, with several still waiting for us to see. Interestingly, one of the things that I enjoyed most of all was the different concert series of live performances of artists from around the world performing right here in our city. I loved watching how these bands are able to set up their systems where ever they are and make it look so effortless. Yes, they have great teams who put it all together, but it's also thanks to equipment such as on stage stands musicians friend that make all the difference. Everything from single brace stands to tripod mike stands to heavy duty keyboard stands travel with these bands a cross the globe making them look really professional, even if they're a new and unknown band. Next time you go to a concert, notice how detailed and specific they are to each instrument!

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