Saturday, June 02, 2012

gifting for babies

Doesn't it happen to you that all of a sudden everyone around you is having babies? Two of my friends are due in the next 4-5 months and I've been busy trying to find some really nice special gifts for them and the babies. I'm really keen on personalizing a gift or finding unique baby gifts, something that stands out and is memorable.

I think something like making it something like a handprint/footprint gift set, where the paint and canvas comes in a set and you just have to paint the baby's palm/foot and place it on the canvas. I had got one of them for my daughter, and I simply adore her footprints canvas. This kind of gift involves the parents and the child, which I feel is a nice thing to do. I'm also keen on personalized books, like a fairy tale book which is created using the child's name. It's such a cool idea and I wish I had seen them when my little one was littler. Although, really, no harm in getting one for her now, since she loves to go through her books!

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