Thursday, June 21, 2012

an aptitude for music

For some people, music just connects with them from the word go and while with others it's something learned. Like with my daughter, she just gets the music and rhythm instantaneously, regardless of what it is. As adults, we are conditioned to notice and appreciate songs, but she loves music and will start to dance even with a passing siren or even the fire alarm. It's the beat that she understands and moves to immediately.

I'm betting that I'll be needing to invest a lot of time, effort and money in letting her understand and study music and music making, maybe investing in things like Furman power conditioners and meters, surge protectors and so on to encourage her to immerse herself in music. When we were growing up, music might not have been a valid career choice, but now I see just how technical things are, I mean, just look at how specific Furman products are, each one is been created just for musicians and is primed to perform to it's maximum. Musical instruments and their supporting products are increasingly technical and so it makes sense to stick to tried and tested companies such as Furman, who know what they are doing. Plus, since they have the full range of backup products from power conditioners to uninterrupted power suppliers, it makes sense to stick with them.

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