Wednesday, May 06, 2009

photo: down the escalator

Noticing the light and patterns created by the sun from the top level of Festival City. Took this from outside Fitness First, where one has a nice view towards the parking lot, the outside sitting area, and airport beyond. I find Festival City to be one of the nicest malls in terms of architectural interest...beyond just large chandeliers and grand columns. The glass roof creates wonderful patterns everywhere you look.


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. I spend the afternoon here today!!! I think Festival City is by far the best mall in terms of everything!!

Just architecture... I think the Madinat Jumeirah & the Souq next to the Burj... offer quite a bit!!!

Shalini said...

We must meet up here one day! It's the closest mall to where we live and I do my groceries from HyperPanda too! Of course, having Ikea there is a good incentive to go more often :-)

Yes, I like the Souk Al Bahar, next to the Burj. I also like the part of Dubai Mall where Kinokuniya and the electronic stores are....the light there is great and views of Burj Dubai as well.

lazyclick said...

Nice shot.

Shalini said...

thanks lazyclick