Wednesday, May 27, 2009

changing the way we get married

It seems that weddings are becoming more and more practiced and matter of fact. The clothes such as the traditional tuxedo is rent-able along with most of the other furnishings, which although makes it so convenient for most people, I find it makes it somewhat matter of fact and routine. A custom made tuxedo is more to my line of thinking since it will have more meaning and remain with you, as part of the wedding memorabilia.


Sushi said...

Why not just get married in clothes we already own, love, wear, and are comfortable in...?
That way, years after the wedding you could be out at the movies with a friend and be asked -
"Is this the same one you wore at your wedding?"
and you can actually say - "Yeah. I did."

Shalini said...

Sushi, well that's an interesting thought, but most people want to have something special, and end up going to the extreme to make it so.

I loved my wedding dress, but have worn it only once since I got married and might be able to wear it a couple of more times....which is such a waste.

I think we all need to go back to simpler times.